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2-sitzig aus FSC®-zertifiziertem Akazienholz, FSC 100% geölt Beschläge aus galvanisiertem Stahl witterungsbeständig

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Literary Treasures: Great Short Stories by Accl...
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An astonishing collection of fifty of the greatest short stories ever written by some of literature´s most highly acclaimed writers. 1. ´´Odour of Chrysanthemums´´ by D. H. Lawrence 2. ´´Miss Harriet´´ by Guy de Maupassant 3. ´´Twenty-six Men and a Girl´´ by Maxim Gorky 4. ´´Hot Potatoes´´ by Arnold Bennett 5. ´´Rats´´ by M. R. James 6. ´´Zodomirsky’s Duel´´ by Alexandre Dumas 7. ´´The Story of an Hour´´ by Kate Chopin 8. ´´The Cask of Amontillado´´ by Edgar Allan Poe 9. ´´The Encased Man´´ by Anton Chekhov 10. ´´A Candle´´ by Count Leo Tolstoy 11. ´´Malachi’s Cove´´ by Anthony Trollope 12. ´´Nine O’Clock´´ by Wilkie Collins 13. ´´The Drover’s Wife´´ by Henry Lawson 14. ´´The Mines of Falun´´ by E. T. A. Hoffmann 15. ´´The Marquise´´ by George Sand 16. ´´Lost in a Pyramid´´ by Louisa May Alcott 17. ´´The Pistol-Shot´´ by Alexander Pushkin 18. ´´The Three Strangers´´ by Thomas Hardy 19. ´´The Boarded Window´´ by Ambrose Bierce 20. ´´Spindleberries´´ by John Galsworthy 21. ´´The Chaplet´´ by Saki 22. ´´In the Reign of Terror´´ by Anatole France 23. ´´Portrait of a Lady´´ by Jerome K. Jerome 24. ´´The Venturers´´ by O. Henry 25. ´´Mons. Cassecruche’s Inspiration´´ by George Walter Thornbury 26. ´´A Witch in the Peak´´ by R. Murray Gilchrist 27. ´´The Brown Wallet´´ by Stacy Aumonier 28. ´´The King of the Golden River´´ by John Ruskin 29. ´´The Reverend Father Gaucher’s Elixir´´ by Alphonse Daudet 30. ´´The Honest Thief´´ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky 31. ´´The Model Millionnaire´´ by Oscar Wilde 32. ´´The One Million Pound Bank Note´´ by Mark Twain 33. ´´The Monkey’s Paw´´ by W. W. Jacobs 34. ´´The Man with the Watches´´ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 35. ´´A Poor Gentleman´´ by George Gissing 1. Language: English. Narrator: Cathy Dobson. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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